Anthony Maudry

About Me

I see myself as a “serial startuper”. Since I made of my passion in programing a job, I've always worked for start-ups. This allowed me to take profit of my technical versatility.

My interests in lots of domains as drawing, reading, photography, science and so is a strong pillar for all my work. I take benefits from that knowledge to extend my creativity.

To me development – for web or heavy applications – is a matter of creativity. Every need can have multiple answers. I guess that the best is the one that allows to keep a maximum versatility and adaptation.

For that creativity and knowledge is the key. They allow me to provide innovative solutions to fit that credo.

Curriculum Vitae


Since 04/2017 Founder @ EyeDive

EyeDive is a startup that will develop and commercialize smart devices for scubadiving.

The first product will be the smartest scubadiving computer ever made. With in mind three goals :

  • Easy to use and to read.
  • An optimized price thanks to a simpler sealing method.
  • The ability to EyeDive computers to communicate underwater with each others.

That project is developped in Bourges (France).

04/2014 to 01/2018 CTO - Associate @ Enjoy Your Business &

I joined Enjoy Your Business as it started as a single developer. Soon we hired a talented designer. We developed the first version of the application that meant to be "like minority report" with the words of the founder.

Today I'm the technical lead and referent and an associate of the company. We are a team of a dozen people counting five developers and a designer.

Enjoy Your Business is an application witch could be described in one sentence as "productivity through communication and fun". We want to provide a new type of interface to allow the collaborators of a team or company to pilot their projects, communicate and manage their strategy with agility and fun.

10/2010 to 11/2013 Lead Developer @ Evaneos

I was the first dev hired by Evaneos. Back then we were located in the incubator of the Central Paris School.

When I left, after moving location five times, we were about twenty people with developers, marketers production managers and so. And Evaneos had just raised investment for the second time.

My personal situation was evolving and I needed to turn my attention to my family. It was time for me to leave Paris again and get time for them.

Evaneos is a platform that allows people to buy a trip personally crafted with a local agent from the country you want to leave for.

07/2009 to 01/2014 Web developement @ Self-Entrepreneur

At that time, I wanted to be more than a developer. I also had my own idea about development that did not fit with my previous experiance. So I decided to become a freelance.

Initially I wanted to develop web applications and develop a consulting and formation activity. I left Paris.

I established in Nevers witch is a small city with a very low activity. I encountered difficulties to find customers and to have them understand that developing a web application was worth "a little bit" more than 200.00€ (not kidding so much).

The good point is that a took time to develop my own framework and libraries, witch even though not used by anybody else than me gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about object oriented programming. Thanks to that I learnt and experimented PHP, C++, Ruby and lots of other stuff. I also learnt to say "No" when a project is not well defined and the contract ot conditions not fair.

08/2008 to 07/2009 Lead Developer @ Trois x Huit

I joind Trois x Huit as a training during my formation. After two month I was already leading a team of developers, all trainees.

I had the opportunity to work on various projects with various technologies. After my formation I was hired with a long term contract.

Trois x Huit, witch does not exist anymore, was a web agency in Paris.

07/2007 Database assistant @ Accord Hôtels

I entered the company as a training during my formation. I spent three months in their office based in a five stars hotel. Quite a pleasant place.

I had for mission to migrate a database from MS Access to SQL Server. It was rude but I learnt a lot on those tools and on database. Most of all I learnt that the choice of a tool or a technology is not only a matter of hype, but a combination of cost and scale.

I was working for reporting branch of the company. At the end of the training I was offered to join the company. I declined as I had to get my degree.


2005 to 2009 European Master in computer science @ Cs2i de Bourgogne

Programming was my first choice of formation back in High School. I made the mistake to listen people saying that IT had no future. I was young and it was 1998 and the start of the Internet Bubble.

I followed the formation and got the Master degree. I gained competences in object oriented programming (PHP, C++, Java), network management and project management.

2002 to 2003 Third year degree in sales executive for agribusiness @ ESCI de l'Ain

When I left the management school I decided to reorient to biology with was best fitted to my technical degree.

I followed a formation as sales executive in agribusiness. I learnt selling and marketing.

2001 to 2002 Third year degree in management @ ESC CLermont

After my technical degree, i realised that I would never have opportunity to be anything else than a technician. I made decision to follow my studies. After a long thinking I chose to enter a management school in Clermont-Ferrand.

I stopped after the first year. I realized that that kind of formation was not for me. Most of people I met did not think as I did. In retrospection I think I was laking maturity and was a bit too dreamy. But I keep thinking that even though idealistic my opinions were not wrong. They were just not yet mature.

Most of my learning their was about me. Even though I discovered management and marketing.

1999 to 2001 2 year Degree - Biotechnology @ ISVT Le Puy En Velay

Microbiology and biotechnology was my second choice. I prefered IT. But I listened the wrong people.

That formation was really interesting and gave me some knowledge I would miss today. I learnt the job of laboratory technician, discovered the quality measures in food and agribusiness.

Programing languages and more


Operating Systems

Mac OS




PHP Storm
MS Office
LibreOffice / OpenOffice
Visual Studio



Drawing is a way to express ideas an thoughts. I practice pencil sketching and draws with a graphic tablet.


Photography is a way to show our perception of the world. I use a reflex and Adobe Lightroom for post-treatment


Diving fits well to my character. It takes a lot of concentration and calm. You can hardly communicate but its essential. You have to be aware of your conditions and the other divers conditions.

Application development and experimentation

Development is really something I love. It needs the same qualities than for my other leisure. I'm also always trying to improve my knowledge and find new ways to solve problems.

Associations and initiatives

Now Community manager @ Hubtech

Hubtech is a plateform in the for the Center region aiming to connect companies, schools, entrepreneurs lobaratories and administrations alltogether and help them to share projects, resources and so on.

Now Developer @ Thuata

Thuata is my own initiative and the name I use to hold my opensource development projects.

2016 Secretary @ Collectif shoot en Berry

That young association is intended to provide formation and collaboration to models and photographs.

2013 Website development @ Le Sourire de Christophe

Le Sourire de Christophe is an association that was gathering funds to support research on kidney cancer. I developed the web site.

2006-2007 Secretary @ CREARIP

CREARIP was a student association when I was preparing my Master. It was meant to provide IT services.


Thuata Symfony Bundles @ Thuata

Those bundles provides lots of useful stuff for PHP application development. I started them only to support my own experimentation. I now use them in all personal or associative projects.

The bundles can be found on the Thuata Github page.

Website @ Collectif Shoot En Berry

I'm actually developing the website for the "Collectif Shoot En Berry" association. It will be a portal for members to provide their personal informations as models and photographers, dates and partnership requests.